A worthy cause

Virtuous High School is an educational institution we are building that will provide quality primary, junior and high school education to the girl child. Our goal is to nurture the girl child from early childhood into God fearing young ladies and women. The Word of God says ‘teach a child the ways of the Lord, and when he/she is old he/she will not depart from them’ (Prov 22:6). The school will teach the girl child to live an empowered life of purity and work based on the principles of the Word of God.
Through Virtuous High School we want to teach the girl child to grow into a woman who will make a positive life changing contribution to her family and society. We want the girl-child from an early age to understand that she is of high value in the eyes of God. She is ‘Mrs Far Above Rubies.’
Virtuous High School will offer subsidized schooling and uniforms to the orphaned girl child. The curricula will include standard academic subjects, technical subjects and sports.
Our needs for this school are great. The High School should open at the begging of the next school calendar year as there are several kids who are not attending school because of unavailability of schools in the area.

Make History Today!!!

You can permanently change the course of history and have a building or a block named after you or your organisation or company. Contribute substantially towards the building of Virtuous High School and have that block, building or sporting resource named after you, your company or organisation. If you stand out in contributing towards building a block or facility, that building or block or facility will be named after you. Please contact us for more information.

Name: Virtuous Women Community
Account Number: 029 22084700021
Bank: CBZ Bank Ltd
Branch: Borrowdale
Branch Sort Code: 6116
Branch Address:
Corner Edinburgh/Cambell Road, Pomona, Harare,

P.O Box CH 71
Chisipite, Harare
Zimbabwe, Africa

Work In Progress

We would like to thank Bishop Dr. B Manjoro for the kind donation of bricks which will facilitate the construction of four (4) classrooms, oblation facilities and teacher’s houses.

We encourage you to also participate actively in this project with donations and building material as it will open doors in your life and also change the lives of many children, effectively changing our world.

Click here to view the plans for the school

Your campaign motto “no rape and no abuse” have gone a long way in providing educational awareness to young ladies who are either threatened by predators, or abused. Thank you for the pads and rice you gave us on your last visit we are looking forward to your next visit”