The Universities and College- going young ladies are at the heartbeat of Virtuous Women Community Outreaches targeted at the younger generation. Virtuous Women Community outreach team has embarked on a campus outreach.

During the Virtuous Women Community On-Campus outreach programs we conscientise the young ladies of the HIV & AIDS scourge, pregnancy, abortion and the effects of premarital sex and the prostitution. We encourage them to uphold Christian principles.
On 1 May 2010, we launched VWC on Campus at one of our leading Universities in Zimbabwe and we donated Sanitary pads, food and deodorants.

Testimonial from one of the college girls

Your campaign motto “no rape and no abuse” have gone a long way in providing educational awareness to young ladies who are either threatened by predators, or abused. Thank you for the pads and rice you gave us on your last visit we are looking forward to your next visit”