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Choose to make a difference today: become a partner and change someone’s life. Your partnership with us enables us to reach-out to even more people in need of love, care, help, support and substance. Partnership is an avenue designed by God to allow many people to contribute or donate towards charity work. It allows you to extend God’s love to people from different societies, origins, beliefs and places that you could never have gone physically. Inversely, partnership is a way in which God can exponentially multiply your finances, substance, happiness and territorial borders. As you extend to change other people’s lives, God will also extend to increase in your life.

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You can commit to contributing cash, vehicles, clothes, food, beds, blankets and linen, transport, fuel, water purification substances, deodorants, sanitary items, toiletries and much more.

How much you give is not limited but you can progressively increase your giving as the Lord is also going to widen your avenues of income.You can make a deposit into our bank account and contact the office by phone or email with information of your deposit. If you have other means of sending your contributions please feel free to contact our offices.

All partners will be updated on all events, and news on Virtuous Women Community.

Tax exemption

Tax exemption is a reduction or removal of your taxable income under certain conditions. Depending on your region, you MAY BE exempted from a certain percentage of your tax if you are a partner with us and make donations for charity work. Citizens of the United States of America maybe exempted from a percentage of tax if they are actively partners with us.

Please call our offices with information on taxes if you are (or would like to be) a partner

Our Needs

We need your prayers and support in cash or kind for the following:

Infrastructure developments: building rescue centres, colleges throughout Zimbabwe, general hospitals, maternity hospitals, factories, shops, warehouses
Office Equipment/ Furniture
Vehicles: Buses, Trucks, Lorries, light vehicles, bicycles and motorcycles
Financial resources: payment of salaries, doctors, nurses, lecturers, utility bills
Clothing and Shoes: For all ages and gender
Baby clothing, linen, diapers and feeding items (milk formula, feeding bottles etc)
Blankets and Linen: for all seasons
Food Stuff: rice, beans, tinned food, maize/corn meal, dried vegetables
Water purification chemicals
Sanitary pads & deodorants
Sewing or knitting machines

Make A Donation

Make A Donation Today And Help Thousands Of Marginalized Women And Children. Donations Can Be In Cash Or Kind. Contact us for more details on donations;

Name: Virtuous Women Community
Account Number: 029 22084700021
Bank: CBZ Bank Ltd
Branch: Borrowdale
Branch Sort Code: 6116
Branch Address:
Corner Edinburgh/Cambell Road, Pomona, Harare, Zimbabwe

P.O Box CH 71
Chisipite, Harare
Zimbabwe, Africa


We would like to pray for you

We are waiting to here your testimonies and we are also keen to pray for you. Please send us your prayer requests that we may join forces with you in prayer concerning any problems, challenges or needs of any sort you might have.

Testimonial from a donor;

“Investing in marginalized women’s lives through VWC is a wonderful thing. Everybody deserves to have the basics in life. Being a sponsor with VWC is something I truly believe in.”