Our Purpose

Virtuous Women Community was born for:
– Women to know God’s ways.
– Women to be used by God to the maximum, as God created them to be.
– Women to be able to sustain themselves just as the woman of virtue in Proverbs 31:10-31
– Women to be able to build each other in all areas in the fear of God.
– Women to lift up the standard of the girl child, body, spirit and soul.
– Spirit filled women who flow in the Holy Spirit.
– Women who walk in the spiritual giftings that comes from the Lord.
– Women who have a discerning spirit, spirit of wisdom and prophetic ministry.
– Women to be in leadership in all respectful walks of life – according to the Word of God. Read More

What is Virtue?

There are eight principals for virtuousness:
Virtue – Excellence, worth, moral excellence. The practice of duty, a good quality, an accomplishment, valour, intrepidity, courage, bravery, value worth impregnable in virtue, morally good, blameless, righteous, practicing duty according to the moral law, having the efficiency without material part.
– Prayer and Intercession: An act of standing in the gap pleading for another. Communication with God and to have a close relationship with God.
– Faith: Trust or confidence in God. Fidelity, Honesty, Sincerity.
– Hope: To cherish a desire of good with some expectations of fulfillment. To have confidence. To expect. Belief in prospects of fulfillment. Expect to obtain. Anticipation that on which hopes are grounded. An embodiment of hope. Promising good or success.
– Charity: Universal love. The disposition to think favorably of others and do them good, almsgiving, affection.
– Justice: Quality of being just, integrity, impartiality, rightness.
– Prudence: Wisdom applied to practice. Attention to self interest.
– Temperance: Frame of internal state of mind
– Internal constitution
– To moderate
– To restrain
– Fortitude: Courage, endurance, strength.