Women’s Self Supporting Projects

Women’s empowerment, the Community has identified key accessible projects that enable women at the lower end of the social ladder to become self reliant, productive and generate income to support themselves and their families. Technical expertise and training is carried out by professionals.

Please support these ventures that directly benefit severely financially stressed rural and communal women and families. Please contact our office for orders.

Environmentally Friendly Organic Hand Made Paper

The absolutely beautiful products are made from recycled paper and organic matter. The products come in all shapes, colours and sizes Paper products include A1-A6 paper sheets, envelopes, Event cards (Christmas, Happy Birthday, etc), picture frames, and books. email or contact us for more details.
(Training and technical expertise is provided by Mapepa Products Pvt Ltd which is a member of World Fair Trade Organisation)

Handmade Beaded Jewelry Making

Stunning beaded jewelry that comes in all shapes, sizes and colours. Products include necklaces, chokers, earrings, bracelets, anklets, belts, bra straps.
Although the women acquire the skill to make jewelry from beads from our trainers, the women need money to buy the beads to then make the jewelry. Please support this project by buying the jewelry. If you are able to donate actual beads for the women to make jewelry from, that would be most welcome. Order today your own handmade beads. email or contact us for more details.

Your campaign motto “no rape and no abuse” have gone a long way in providing educational awareness to young ladies who are either threatened by predators, or abused. Thank you for the pads and rice you gave us on your last visit we are looking forward to your next visit”