We are currently tasked with the construction of Virtuous High School which will offer subsidized schooling and uniforms to the orphaned and under privileged girl child. Our needs for this school are great. The High School should open at the beginning of the next school calendar year as there are several kids who are not attending school because of unavailability of schools in the area. At the moment we need two boreholes so as to start the construction and development of classrooms in order to meet our prospective opening. In order to open in January 2014 we need school furniture, computers, books and all sorts of school items to make this college Excellent. Please extend your support in cash or kind toward this worthy cause. We need your prayers and support in cash or kind for the following: Infrastructure developments: building rescue centres, colleges throughout Zimbabwe, general hospitals, maternity hospitals, factories, shops, warehouses Office Equipment/ Furniture Vehicles: Buses, Trucks, Lorries, light vehicles, bicycles and motorcycles Financial resources: payment of salaries, doctors, nurses, lecturers, utility bills Clothing and Shoes: For all ages and gender Baby clothing, linen, diapers and feeding items (milk formula, feeding bottles etc) Blankets and Linen: for all seasons Food Stuff: rice, beans, tinned food, maize/corn meal, dried vegetables Toiletries Water purification chemicals Sanitary pads & deodorants Sewing or knitting machines.


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“Investing in marginalized women’s lives through VWC is a wonderful thing. Everybody deserves to have the basics in life. Being a sponsor with VWC is something I truly believe in.”