The Claapphia Rescue Center is a shelter for pregnant minors and teenagers who have been sexually abused and abandoned or forsaken by their families.

The rescue center provides a comfortable living environment for the pregnant girl child during pregnancy and after delivery of her baby. She receives support, counseling, prayer and encouragement to keep and raise her child in the fear of the Lord.
After the baby is six months, the young mother is able to go back to College and complete her education while her baby is looked after at the Centre. The young mother, if she secures a decent source of income, is free to leave the Centre. We will remain in contact with her and follow up to ensure that all is well with her and the child.



To protect the girl – child from sexual abuse, rape, HIV and AIDS.
To offer support and training to the girl child, pregnant teenagers and orphans
To assist birthing mothers, maternal and child health care by providing counseling, medical assistance and upkeep of the child.
To foster peace and a harmonious life in and outside the home within the community.
To support the spoiled pregnant girl child in every area of her life.
To offer free education to the abandoned and vulnerable girl child, from pre-school education to post graduate level.
To protect the infected girl child from transmitting HIV and AIDS.
To discourage or prevent baby dumping and killing, and prevent abortion.
To train pregnant teenagers into motherhood.
To create jobs for birthing mothers.


Virtuous High School

Virtuous High School is an educational institution that will provide quality primary, junior and high school education to the girl child. Our goal is to nurture the girl child from early childhood into God fearing young ladies and women. The Word of God says ‘teach a child the ways of the Lord, and when he/she is old he/she will not depart from them’. The school will teach the girl child to live an empowered life of purity and work based on the principles of the Word of God.
Through Virtuous High School we want to teach the girl child to grow into a woman who will make a positive life changing contribution to her family and society. We want the girl-child from an early age to understand that she is of high value in the eyes of God. She is ‘Mrs Far Above Rubies.’
Virtuous High School will offer subsidized schooling and uniforms to the orphaned girl child. The curricula will include standard academic subjects, technical subjects and sports.
Our needs for this school are great. The High School should open at the beggining of the next school calendar year as there are several kids who are not attending school because of unavailalability of schools in the area.

At the moment we need two boreholes so as to start the construction and development of classrooms in order to meet our prospective opening. In order to open in January 2014 an we need school furniture, computers, books and all sorts of school items to make this college Excellent. Please extend your support in cash or kind toward this worthy cause.

Your campaign motto “no rape and no abuse” have gone a long way in providing educational awareness to young ladies who are either threatened by predators, or abused. Thank you for the pads and rice you gave us on your last visit we are looking forward to your next visit”